About Us

Al Hasanain University is an Islamic University based in Faisalabad founded by our respected Molana Tariq Jamil (may Allah protect him) in 1999. Starting with only one main Campus in Greentown Faisalabad, it has, by the grace of Allah, expanded to 10 Campuses all over Pakistan and one in the United States of America.
With its own curriculum, the institute was started so more focus could be given to the Arabic language making it easier for the students to gain a grasp on Islamic Theology. The goal was to make every student perfect the fundamental skills involving it and perfect every field in it, handing over to him the keys of every door in Islamic Knowledge.
Furthermore, the aim was to have such an environment for the students that offered a full-time lesson of morals, manners, character, respect, unity, noblility and spirituality, all of which will help them in every point of life.
to further aid the students in this noble mission, the effort of Dawat-Tabligh was made to be a part of their lives, making them understand that this is the way forward for humanity as a whole, making them understand that is the way to access each and every individual across the globe.
All this results in an institute which aims to be a means of spreading divine guidance throughout the world.

Why Al Hasanain?

Molana Tariq Jamil Chancellor of Al Hasanain

Molana Tariq Jamil Praying  in Meem Academy's Campus.

Molana Tariq Jamil was born in the year 1953, in Tulamba, a small town situated on the eastern edge of the Ravi River, between the cities of Abdul Hakeem and Mian Channu in the Punjab province of Pakistan. His father, held a lofty political status in his area, due to him being an agricultural landowner and his tribe’s chief man. Molana Tariq Jamil was raised in a very lavish lifestyle, as is the case with agricultural landowners in the Punjab district of Pakistan. He grew up around maids and servants, with his father hoping he would take over his responsibilities after the former’s demise.

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