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Azhaar Ahmed

Azhaar-Ahmed Born: June 20, 1988
Phone No: +923319577647
Muslim Town Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi.
Mail Me at: azhaarahmed647@gmail.com
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Primarily I love to introduce myself as a Web Designer, along side I am a Web developer

About my Passion:

Leraning and delivering the best quality work…

Arabic Language:
English Language:
Urdu Language:


   May 20, 2015 – BSCS

Completed projects:

    www.atunisia-pk.org/   – January 11, 2014

    jattstaal.no/   – August 20, 2014

    idms.educationms.com   – November 17, 2015

    http://isotech.lbatechnologies.com/   – February 15, 2016


Animation, Programming, Software Engineer, Web Designer, Web developer



Computer Languages:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

Prefered Frameworks:

WordPress, Bootstrap, Jquery


Application for Web Developer

Why Al Hasanain:

Because i want to deliver my skills in an islamic society…

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