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Huzafah Muhammad

Huzafah-Muhammad Born: May 18, 1994
Phone No: +92-323-8786088
Near Madina Masjid, Madina Colony Khair Pur Tamewali, Bahawalpur.
Mail Me at: huzaifahjameel@gmail.com
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Primarily I love to introduce myself as a Programmer, along side I am a Database Designer, Software Engineer, Web developer

About my Passion:

I’m passionate about making a difference. When I’m involved with a project at work I want to do my best to achieve success. I feel the same way about what I do in my personal life.

Arabic Language:
English Language:
Urdu Language:


   June 30, 2016 – BSIT

Completed projects:

    http://www.gurudevelopers.ml/Home/eHealth   – March 25, 2016

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/last-line/9nblggh5xmhz   – January 20, 2016

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/guessmyname/9nblggh1dckn   – July 1, 2015


Database, Programming, Social Media Activist, Software Engineer, Web developer, Webmaster


SQL server

Computer Languages:

HTML, CSS, Java, C#, Others

Prefered Frameworks:

Bootstrap, Others


eHealth, Last Line, GuessMyName, PicNumPuzz

Why Al Hasanain:

I’m personally impressed by Maolana Tariq Jameel Sb, as well as there project “Al Hasnain University”. You can imagine how excited I’m when I find out there is a job opening in my skill set here. I would really hope to be able to come to work every day to a place where I knew not only are my technical skills valuable, but my personal satisfaction is as well.

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