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Farhan ayub

Farhan-ayub Born: January 1, 1984
Phone No: 03339968454
Khans Villa, Near Chowk Muhammadia, Mohalla Mahmoodabad, Kachi Paind Khan (Northern), Dera UsIsmail Khan, Dera Ismail Khan.
Mail Me at: fayub4@gmail.com
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Primarily I love to introduce myself as a Web developer, along side I am a Database Designer, Networking Administrator, Programmer, Software Engineer

About my Passion:

To be a good human being

Arabic Language:
English Language:
Urdu Language:


   January 10, 2007 – MCS

Completed projects:

    damaancolleges.com   – February 15, 2016


Database, Networking Administration, Programming, Software Engineer, Web developer


MySQL, SQL server

Computer Languages:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

Prefered Frameworks:



Web Development, Computer Networks

Why Al Hasanain:

I really want to be a part of true Islamic environment, where I could learn social and moral values of Islam and at the same time I could prove and enhance my technical as well as administrative skills.

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