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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad-Ali Born: February 2, 1989
Phone No: 03339235969
House # 518, Sector D4, Street 28, Phase 1, Hayatabad, Peshawar.
Mail Me at: alisheikh@gmx.com
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Primarily I love to introduce myself as a Web developer, along side I am a Database Designer, Networking Administrator, Web Designer

About my Passion:

Over the time i have learned that with maturity our goals and objectives in life changes with time. With adequate maturity we learn what’s right and wrong in our life. My passion is to give back to community what i have learned over the time. I believe the only way we can contribute to the society is by giving them back.

Arabic Language:
English Language:
Urdu Language:


   August 1, 2012 – Bachelors in Applied Accounts

Completed projects:

    www.sheikhmuhammadali.github.io/#/resume   – March 1, 2016


Database, Networking Administration, Web Designer, Web developer, Webmaster



Computer Languages:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Others

Prefered Frameworks:

WordPress, Bootstrap, Jquery, Jquery ui, Angular, Others


Venta POS (Point of Sale)

Why Al Hasanain:

Assalam Aalaikum,

I am quite selfish if it comes to this part of the CV. Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab has been my inspiration since last two years. I could not fully transform myself to what he describe a Muslim should be. I believe it’s a two way process, my extensive knowledge in Linux and Open-Source Web Technologies will help Al-Hasanain and likewise Maulana’s extensive knowledge towards Islam will help me turn into a better Muslim.

I could not fully explain my expertise in this Website Generate C.V and there are projects that i can not share with you guys because of my Professionalism. However, i can assure that my dedication, commitment and knowledge will be valuable to your organization.

Thank you.

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