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Sohaib Ali

Sohaib-Ali Born: July 15, 1992
Phone No: 03345686989
Marrian Stop K-Block Model town Lahore, Lahore.
Mail Me at: sohaibali005@gmail.com
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Primarily I love to introduce myself as a Networking Administrator, along side I am a Animator, Camera Man, Data Entry

About my Passion:

I Want To work In user Friendly enviornment and explore my career as a network Engineer. I have Completed my CCNA Coaching and now enrolled for CISCO Program also.

Arabic Language:
English Language:
Urdu Language:


   August 9, 2014 – BS Computer Sciences

Completed projects:

    droid.Cloud   – May 14, 2014


Networking Administration

Computer Languages:


Prefered Frameworks:


IT Networking

Why Al Hasanain:

love to work in an organization where Deen Is superior than world.

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