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I.T Applicants

Muhammad Ummar Waheed

Muhammad Ummar-Waheed Born: October 1, 1989
Phone No: 03336195500
House Name : Raja Abdul Majeed , Mohallah Mola Nagar Shumali , Malikwal , Distt M.B.Din., Mandi Bahauddin.
Mail Me at: rundownomer@yahoo.com
My Facebook Profile
Primarily I love to introduce myself as a Social Media Activist, along side I am a Camera Man, Data Entry, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Video Editor

About my Passion:

Before Spending 4 months in Tableegh my Passion was to be a Filmmaker and after that now Passion is to learn about Islam and Islamic Teachings and if possible try to make a film that reflects the true ideology of Islam and want to make a documentary or a film on the life of Molana Tariq Jameel because due to his beyyans i turn my course of life.

Arabic Language:
English Language:
Urdu Language:


   August 17, 2016 – Msc Mass Communication

   April 6, 2016 – Internee at ISPR

Completed projects:

    www.facebook.com/77news/videos/976671185698988/   – May 13, 2015


Camera Operation, Graphic design, Social Media Activist, Video Editor

Prefered Frameworks:


Media Activist

Why Al Hasanain:

The reason is that it is well managed institute cultivating the seeds of love, peace and brotherhood. I will have the chance to learn more about Islam so that i can present the best picture of Islam among my friends and family.

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